Monarch Butterfly Group Pushes for More Milk-Weed Planting in Essex

The Monarch Butterfly Enthusiasts of Windsor and Essex County continue to push for more butterfly pollinator gardens in the region.

Members were in Essex on Monday asking for the town's assistance in the form of planting more milk-weed in the municipality.

Administrator Leo Silvestri says he was pleased with the response from the municipal council.

"They were just waiting for someone from the community to bring it to them because even though sometimes they have discussions about some of these items, nobody takes the initiative to go forward because they do not have the community support," he says.

According to Silverstri, they have already received the support of Kingsville, Amherstburg, LaSalle, Windsor and Tecumseh.

He says he became interested in the monarch butterfly in 2016.

"Once I had the support of my own municipal ward in Windsor, I figure everybody else should feel the same and in fact it is turning out to be a good idea."

Council has asked administration for a report focusing on different ideas to create butterfly pollinator gardens in the town's parks.