Monday's Funnel Cloud Reports Were Non-Severe: Windsor CTV Meteorologist

There was a lot of activity in the sky over Windsor-Essex Monday afternoon but nothing too severe weather-wise.

During the late afternoon hours, there were several reports of funnel clouds

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, CTV Meteorologist Gary Archibald says Environmental Canada takes the reports seriously because they can be potentially dangerous.

But thankfully, yesterday's funnel clouds didn't touch ground.


A possible funnel cloud is spotted in east Windsor, July 30, 2018. (Photos courtesy of Richard Lloyd and Frances Sementilli)

"There is a difference between what we would call, a significant extreme event including a tornado and what we saw yesterday where we are looking at non-severe funnel clouds forming," he says.  "We weren't seeing a huge super cellular outbreak of storms, that's when you get a storm system that is rotating."

No tornado watches or warnings were ever issued for Windsor-Essex.

He points out funnel clouds can cause light to moderate damage.