More And More People Are Using Windsor's New Parking App

The number of people using the city of Windsor's new parking app continues to climb.

There have now been over 18,000 transactions completed since the launch in December. 

Supervisor of Parking Enforcement, Bill Kralovensky, says the number of parking tickets is down for the first few months of the year, but it's too soon to tell if it's because of app usage.

As for the app, Kralovensky says it has many features. "If you do sign up for the app and you're parked in a spot and Windsor police need to get in or a construction vehicle needs to get in, we can send you a text and say 'hey can you please move your car, we need to get into that spot today,'" says Kralovensky.



Passport Canada Parking sign up as seen from the website (AM800 File Photo)


"There will also be frequent updates to the app that will be more GPS based," according to Kralovensky. "So when you are in the Walkerville BIA, there will be a thing that is going to come up, and it's great for the BIA's as well, it will say 'Vitos Pizza is offering free parking today' so that will come through as a push notification because the GPS will recognize that you're in that area."

The app can be downloaded online at or through your mobile app store by searching "Passport Canada."

The app can be used for both metered street parking and city-run surface lots.