More Films, Days And Screens At WIFF 2017

This year's Windsor International Film Festival runs one extra day and includes the Chrysler Theatre full time.

Now in its 12th year, the festival has grown to be second only to the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada and is internationally recognized.

Executive Director Vincent Georgie is excited to reveal the more than 90 films that will be shown over the 7 days starting October 30th.


Stage set up to launch WIFF2017 lineup (by AM800's Peter Langille)

He says their interactive film experiences are among the most popular.

"Some of our audience members go to all the interactive stuff.  We've noticed that" said Georgie. "Some of the people who go to the live readings go to singalong, they like the midnight, I've watched some of the midnight madness films with friends that don't like horror movies but they're like, I lik ebeing in a late movie with a very fun, weird crowd and when you start going in costume and throwing objects and this type of stuff it gets really fun"

He says WIFF is attracting other film festivals to come here to select their films.

Georgie says their junior programmer initiative has proven to be a huge success.

"It is amazing the level of taste that high-school students have and the types of stories or issues they're actually attracted to" Georgie said.  "It is, I promise you, 10 to 15 years older in tems of taste than you would ever expect.  They've selected some of the highest quality films and the ones that are most socially relevant"

Georgie says they had almost 20,000 viewers last year and with the Chrysler Theatre now a full-time screen he expects more this year.

He says fundraising is a key and began the launch with a series of shout-outs to sponsors.  He says it takes about $250,000 in donations to keep the festival running.

18 films will be screened ahead of theatrical release including Call Me By Your Name (possible Oscar contender) Mark Felt:the Man Who Brought Down The White House, Loveless, Borg-McEnroe and Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool.


WIFF 2017 logo (by AM800's Peter Langille)

The festival runs to November 5th and tickets are available online now at