More Garbage Help On The Way After Flooding

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says more help is on the way for those hit hard by last week's flooding.

A special garbage pick-up was held this past weekend, but Dilkens says trucks will continue to come by to grab flood damaged items at the curb of the road.

Dilkens says the city is getting all hands on deck to deal with the flooding aftermath. He says in total 10 additional garbage trucks have been brought in to handle the demand. He adds the company Waste Connections is allowing the city to use its transfer facility for free.

As heard on AM800's The Lynn Martin Show, Dilkens is asking residents to hang on just a little longer.

"We will continue to collect the garbage, we understand there is a lot out there," says Dilkens.

 He stresses residents shouldn't worry if there is still garbage needing to be picked up.

"If you've had a collection one time and you still have more — don't worry; put it out. We will come back and get what you put out at the curb," says Dilkens.


Flood damaged garbage put at the side of the road in west Windsor on September 5, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

The clean up job after last week's flooding isn't going to wrap up quickly.

"For perspective, an average garbage truck can visit about 300 homes before it has to hit the transfer station and dump its load — we're actually seeing garbage trucks doing between three and 10 homes before they have to actually leave, so some of them aren't even getting one side of a full block before the truck is packed and they have to go dump the load," says Dilkens.
Dilkens adds yard waste collection will be cancelled for the next two weeks as staff dedicated to that job is shifted to help with the special garbage pick-up.

The Central Ave. Public Drop Off Depot is open all week from 8am to 5pm and ready for any extra flood damaged debris needing to be unloaded.