More Job Postings for Gordie Howe Bridge Project

With the $5.7-billion Gordie Howe International Bridge project rolling full steam ahead, jobs are now on the horizon.

That's according to the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authorities' Mark Butler. He tells AM800 News more than 100 jobs have been already been posted by Bridging North America, the group selected to build the new crossing.

Butler calls the postings just the "tip of the iceberg" with over 2,500 on-site and 360 off-site jobs also on the way. He says many of those jobs will stay local well after construction is completed in 2025.

"Beyond actually building the bridge over a seven-year period, we'll be operating the bridge over a 30-year period, so they'll have a long-term existence here in Windsor," he says.

The WDBA only has a few postings up currently, but there will be more as the project moves forward. Butler says the majority of work will be pulled in through the conglomerate with a focus on Canadian and U.S. staff.

"Bridging North America is actually a group of organizations, Canadian, American, and one international organization," he says. "They've joined together to build a team which will be building, operating, financing the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project."

CLICK HERE to view the jobs postings.

The authority will be holding another public information session at Mackenzie Hall Tuesday night at 7pm.  Another session will be held at Detroit's El Kiosko Banquet Hall on Wednesday at 7pm.