More Parking Available At WFCU Centre For Memorial Cup

There will be more parking near the WFCU Centre for the Memorial Cup.

In an in-camera meeting Friday, Windsor City Council approved leasing property from Farhi Holdings near the east end arena to add another 850 spots.

The spots would be open from May 18-28.  Once the Memorial Cup is over, the lease agreement would end.

In addition, council has approved entering into talks with Farhi Holdings to purchase an adjacent piece of land for long-term use for parking adding another possible 1300 spots.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says the city needs to make sure the land checks out for long-term use.

"We are going to do our environmental analysis, do our own due diligence, make sure that the land we are looking at is land that is ok in terms of the cost and move forward with negotiations with Mr Farhi on that piece of land," says Mayor Dilkens.

Dilkens says there will be a cost for parking during the Memorial Cup.

"It will not be free parking, so there is a cost for us to use this space from Mr. Farhi and we expect to make parking affordable but it will not be free."