More People Using Windsor's Salvation Army

More people are getting out of the cold and using the Salvation Army on Church Street in downtown Windsor.

Director of Family and Community Services Major Paul Rideout says the downtown location has seen a big increase in the last two weeks.

"Here at the Church Street location of the Salvation Army we're noticing in the last 13-14 days of this cold weather, pretty much a 60% increase from earlier in December."  

Rideout says people are coming all hours of the day.

"The 60% increase is people looking for places to crash for the night so they're not sleeping outside and we're also open 24 hours so people are coming in to get out of the cold during the day as well," says Rideout.  "They can have meals, they can get some snacks, coffee, just things to stay warm."       

He believes the jump in attendance will last a while.

"I think shelters like ourselves and others in the city will continue to see the surpluses that we're seeing in recent weeks," says Rideout.  "It's not going to stop by the looks of it anytime soon."      

Rideout says the Salvation Army is in need of winter gear including boots, gloves, jackets, scarves and toques.

He says there is also a need for socks and underwear.