More Provincial Funding for Social Housing

The announcement of a major, $39-million social housing in east Windsor may only be the start of growth in that sector.

The provincial government has announced its Community Housing Renewal Strategy and is committing $1-billion in funding. In Windsor Essex the commitment is just over $16-million.

The Executive Director of Housing and Children's Services welcomes the word of more funds and says details have yet to be announced, but it could be used in several areas.

"The funding can be used for rental, for rental capital similar to this project, can be used for rent supplements for home ownership down payment and assistance programs, repairs to existing social housing stock," says Debbie Cercone.

She says the infusion is good news, adding "We welcome any dollars that can help us with any of the needs in those particular areas.  So once we get more information we'll be taking a report to council to let them know and we'll be looking forward to delivering those programs."

According to Cercone there's already been more interest in social housing.

"We have had a number of people who are interested in creating more housing come approach us wanting to apply to this program.  To similar programs, the CMHC's repair and renewal and to their rental construction program.  So we're excited to be having those conversations."

The release from MPP Rick Nicholls office indicates a number of pieces of the strategy including changes to welfare programs to allow tenants on assistance to earn more income without penalty, making sure tenants receiving child support aren't impacted by those payments and keeping tenants out who have been evicted for violent crimes.

Chatham-Kent is receiving just under $4-million in the announcement.

At the announcement for funding of 3100 Meadowbrook Lane, MP Adam Vaughn indicated more federal funding was coming to this area in the future.