More Remains Found in Abandoned Detroit Funeral Home

The investigation into abandoned cremated remains in Detroit continues.

According to the Detroit Free Press, on Wednesday, homicide detectives removed several boxes of cremated remains from a long-abandoned funeral home on the city's west side.

The removal of the remains from the former Howell and Ramsey Funeral Home is the latest action in an investigation into the alleged mishandling of remains at Metro Detroit funeral homes.

Investigators say they got a tip from an "urban explorer" who broke into the shuttered, brick house and found the remains.

The Detroit Free Press also reports that Wednesday's action comes a week after the investigation took a twist with the discovery of 26 fetuses and infant remains in a Detroit Medical Center morgue, all of which had allegedly been mishandled by Perry Funeral Home.

State authorities are also looking into another case of dozens of infant remains allegedly unnoticed for years in a DMC hospital.

Detroit police chief James Craig said he launched the investigation because failing to properly dispose of remains more than 180 days after death is a felony in Michigan, punishable by up to 10-years in prison.


— With files from the Detroit Free Press