More Than 1,000 Toys For Windsor Regional Hospital

A Windsor teen and his friends have gathered more than 1,000 toys for the Pediatrics Ward at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Aiden Pitre is a student at St. John Vianney Catholic Elementary School in east Windsor. When he was 9-years-old, he spent time in the pediatrics ward with a bad case of appendicitis.

Fast-forward a few years and the now 13-year-old and his classmates were asked to do a social justice project.  "My mom and I decided this would be a good idea to give back. Me and my friends all voted and mine got picked and here we are."

Support poured into the Tecumseh Fire Station One drop-off point, and Pitre says they should have a toy for every situation. "We got some outdoor stuff here and that will be good for children that can walk and go outside and do stuff like blow bubbles," says Pitre. "We have a bunch of electronics here, they should have a good time with if they're in bed so they'll have something to do."

"Me and my friends are very happy; it's everything I really wanted. It's really overwhelming but great at the same time," says Pitre.

A bake sale held at the fire hall also raised more than, $1,800.

Pitre says drop boxes will be at St. John Vianney Catholic School and Church for anyone who couldn't make it to the event. The drop boxes will be there until next Saturday.