More Travellers Are Using Windsor Airport

Last year, the Windsor International Airport experienced a 21% increase in the number of passengers it serviced. 

The number of people using the airport jumped from 275,000 passengers in 2015 to 331,000 passengers in 2016. 

Mayor Drew Dilkens says the the airport's growing popularity can be linked to several factors.

He says Windsorites are realizing the airport is often a cheaper place to fly from than Detroit or Toronto. 

Dilkens says more flights are being booked than ever before and the sizes of the aircrafts are also increasing.    

"A lot of that increase in growth you are seeing is because we have expanded the number of airlines and we continue to work to try and expand the number of airlines that use Windsor Airport for their flights," says Dilkens. "In addition we have seen an increase in the gauge or the size of the aircraft. So Air Canada now is flying larger planes out of Windsor Airport because of the demand."

He says the airport has become a reliable source of revenue for the city. 

"So last year Windsor Airport paid another $1 million dividend to the City of Windsor and that is really good news for tax payers," says Dilkens. "Because of the success of this operation it is less money we have to collect from the property tax base." 

He says, despite the increase of the airport's use, no changes will be made to its facilities in the immediate future.

"When you have such a high demand it is difficult to build those facilities very quickly so you need to plan in advance and we are considering plans for the future," says Dilkens. "But we are going to make sure that we can sustain this growth and actually increase the demand before we move forward with any facility improvements." 

Dilkens says events such as the FINA World Swimming Championships and the CARHA Hockey tournament helped bring traffic to the airport.