Morneau Family Thanking Community For Support

A huge 'thank you' going out the Windsor-Essex community.

The 'Go Fund Me' page set up for the family of 44-year-old Rob Morneau has raised more than $76,000.

Morneau was killed in an industrial accident November 3 when he fell through a skylight.

Family friend, Cory Campbell, says the support from residents has been overwhelming.

He says the goal was to only raise $20,000.

"When we set the goal up we thought it would be a lot less than that and then all of a sudden the donations just started coming in. Just goes to show what a good guy Rob was and how many lives that he touched and it was really amazing. It went to a really good family. I'm just really happy with the support from the community, the whole community."

Campbell says we live in a great community.

"A really big 'thank you' that they would take the time to support the family. It's just amazing, the outpouring of support for the family. Even more than the 'Go Fund Me' page, just the people that went over and have been helping out the family since. When the accident happened there was just so many people around that were helping out."

He says he's gotten a lot of help with managing the page.

"There was a lot of people that helped out with the 'Go Fund Me' page as far as setting it up and writing the description on the website. Some people got to me through texts and Facebook messages about wanting to do something for the family and how to raise money for the family and what they could do to help and the ball just sort of got rolling from there with some help from a lot of people. It was a group effort among all of us."

Morneau leaves behind his two young sons and his wife who is currently battling cancer.

The 'Go Fund Me' page for Morneau family can be found here.