Mother Of Columbine Shooter Tells Others Not To Ignore The Signs

The mother of one of the Columbine High School shooters is in Windsor raising awareness of suicidal prevention and mental health.

On April 20, 1999, Sue Klebold's 17-year-old son Dylan, along with another shooter, shot and killed 13 people before they killed themselves.

"There were signs something was going wrong, but not one of us had the big picture," she told the crowd gathered at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts on Tuesday for the inaugural Breakfast of Champions hosted by the Windsor-Essex Canadian Mental Health Association.

She said Dylan had talked about wanting to die and the agony he was suffering.  

She asked him if he was o.k but it wasn't enough.

"Of course I think about Dylan every day and I think about the other people who were killed and harmed," she says. "I can't think about Dylan without thinking about the way he died and it is something that is with me always."

On the morning of the shooting, Klebold says Dylan was up early heading to school and she heard him say 'good-bye' not realizing it would be the last time she heard her son's voice.

Following the shooting, she said 'her world flipped upside down because none of it made any sense.'

"It was very hard to be judged and hated  for something over which I had no control and people believed that I should have had control."

With time, she has gone from victim, to survivor to advocate for mental health as she believes the shooting was motivated by Dylan's suicidal thoughts.

Simply put, Klebold says her son needed help and he didn't get it.