Movie Watching Will Be More Comfortable As Recliners Are Added At Cineplex In Windsor (AUDIO)

Lights, camera and recline!

Cineplex is adding reclining seats to its theatre at Devonshire Mall in Windsor.

Cineplex Spokesperson Sarah Van Lange says the seats will be wider, will recline and will have a foot rest at the touch of a button.

She says renovations are currently underway and the auditoriums are being upgraded one at a time. 

All upgrades should be done by mid-2017.

She says the theater on Walker Road will remain the same with the fold-down seats.

"The Silvercity Windsor Cinemas has recently renovated so it will stay the same, but Devonshire Mall was due for an upgrade and we have rolled out recliner seating in a few communities across Canada, says Van Lange.

As a result of the wider seats, fewer people will be watching the movie.

"The capacity for the individual auditoriums will go down to a little more than half," she says. "If there were 200 seats in the auditorium, there will be 125 give or take, when the renovations are completed."

Van Lange says an announcement will be made in the future whether or not there will be an increase in the cost of watching a movie.  She says if there is a price increase, it will be "nominal."

The theatre is also adding an "Ultra AVX" screen which will be 60 feet across, louder and clearer.