Moving Out At UWindsor

'Moving Out' at the University of Windsor.

The semester is coming to an end and students are now writing final exams before leaving for the summer.

And with that comes garbage and other items, like old furniture, ending up at the curb over the next couple of weeks.

Manager of Environmental Services for the City of Windsor, Anne-Marie Albidone says the by-law enforcement department will be out doing a blitz around the university, issuing warnings and making sure the rules are being followed by both students and landlords when it comes to getting rid of big items.

"Big items left at the curb will not be picked-up as part of the regular garbage collection," says Albidone. "We do have a bulk collection program now but there is a fee to that. So if students have a something to get rid of, they need to call 3-1-1 and set-up that appointment."

Albidone says things have improved over the past couple of years when it comes to students following the collection rules. "It really then becomes the problem of the landlord if the students are already gone. Even our landlords now are pretty pro-active because they understand the process and they understand what the rules are, so they are also educating the students that might be renting from them."

Albidone says students do have the option of arranging bulk item collection by calling 3-1-1, taking any big items to the Public Drop-Off near Central Ave. and the EC Row Expressway or contacting one of several local charities to see if they would come take it away.