Moving To Essex With Your Pet Just Got Easier

It's now less of a hassle to bring along the family pet if you move to Essex from elsewhere in the county.

The town has decided to allow the transfer of dog tags from other municipalities purchased within the same calendar year.

Councillor Sherry Bondy believes it's a simple gesture that new arrivals will appreciate. "We don't want to make money off them the year that they move here, they've already paid for a tag somewhere else, but lets get them into our system so we can help them, if their dog gets lost. Then the following year, we send out their dog tag renewal."

Bondy says Essex is the first to allow the transfer of tags from other municipalities. If you live in LaSalle, Tecumseh or Kingsville, and you move into Essex in that calendar year, if you show up at the municipal office with your dog tag, you get a free dog tag in Essex."