MP Masse Wants More Gas Price Accountability

The NDP MP for Windsor West wants more accountability when it comes to gas prices.

Brian Masse is calling on the government to restore the Gas Price Monitoring Agency, which was being established until it was dismantled by the previous Conservative government.

He points out gas pumps are routinely wrong 4% to 7% of the time.

"One study had 7% of the time that you pump your gas it was wrong. Statistically, it is almost in favour of the company," he says.

He says the agency would inspect pumps more often to make sure they are working properly.  

Right now, pumps are checked once every two years.

He says the agency would collect price data on oil and report to Parliament on the competitive aspects of the industry.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Masse says Canadians are getting gouged.

"Canadians subsidize the oil and gas industry to $3.3 billion a year in direct subsidizes so before you even go to the pump, you give them a cheque for about $90."

Masse says the bottom line is people should get what they pay for.

He says Canadians want to be assured that big oil is not taking advantage of them every time there is a price change.