MPP Gretzky Demands Funding To Open Empty Mental Health Beds At HDGH

The MPP for Windsor-West is asking the province to 'show me the money' to open empty mental health beds at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare.

At Queen's Park on Tuesday, Lisa Gretzky demanded a commitment from the Liberal government to provide the operational funding needed to use the beds that remain empty.

She says many seniors are waiting months for mental health services and are being placed in acute care because there is nowhere else to go.

Gretzky says the beds are there. "All they need is the financial support of this government so that the beds can be fully operational and seniors can be placed appropriately," she says. "Ministry staff have toured the unit and acknowledged the need to get them open."

Ontario Health Minister Helena Jaczek says a review is underway. "This is precisely what we are looking at across the province. Where do we have gaps in service and how can we address them?"

"The answer is simple," says Gretzky. "It is a fully ready to go turn-key wing, just waiting for the hospital to receive operational funding so they can bring seniors out of acute care into the care they need to provide them with the dignity you {Jaczek} claim they deserve."

According to Gretzky, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare has 89 beds on their campus that remain unoccupied due to lack of operational dollars.