MPP Gretzky Says Windsor Health Professionals Are Planning Safe But Illegal Injection Site

A surprising revelation out of Queen's Park from the MPP for Windsor West.

During Question Period in the legislature on Thursday, Lisa Gretzky revealed a group of health professionals in Windsor is looking at setting up a safe injection site.

She pushed the health minister on when her report on the legal program would be revealed.

Gretzky says a letter from the Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre shows the current legal safe injection sites are effective at saving lives.

"That's 917 families who didn't receive the worst news possible," says Gretzky.  "That's 917 people who still have a chance to build a better life.  Will the minister listen to these experts, will she open life-saving sites."

Gretzky says the health professionals in Windsor are willing to take the risk to solve the opioid crisis locally.

"Opening this site means that they are risking criminal prosecution," says Gretzky.  "Is this government really comfortable with harm reduction workers and advocates being treated like criminals just because they're trying to save lives."

Health Minister Christine Elliott says she continues to study the issue and wants to get all the facts.

"I know that everyone wants an answer right away, but the premier has indicated that he wants to make a proper evidence-based decision and I don't think anyone in this house would disagree.  So that is what I've been studying, that is what I'm going to be recommending to the premier," says Elliott.

Elliott says that making sure people addicted to drugs are able to access treatment is also a key element in the situation.