Nicholls: Wire Barriers Are Only A Partial Solution

The MPP for Chatham-Kent-Essex is calling the province's decision to install wire barriers on Hwy. 401 a slight victory.

However, Rick Nicholls is clear that the wire barriers must be a temporary measure and the permanent solution of a concrete barrier is still needed. Nicholls presented a petition at Queen's Park calling for the median to be filled, paved over and concrete barriers erected from Tilbury to London.

The province has announced it will install high-tension cable barriers in the Hwy. 401 median through Chatham-Kent.

Nicholls says they will be of some use, but it's limited.

"Studies have proven that these cables will in fact stop a small car but it's not going to stop a large transport that's out of control and going across the median and come up on the other side," says Nicholls.


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Nicholls says the high-tension cable barriers are a marginal improvement over nothing.

"Yes, I would say something at this point is better than nothing, but it needs to be purely on a temporary basis again the wire cables are the least expensive way to go," says Nicholls.

He points to what's happened on Hwy. 401 through Windsor-Essex.

"There haven't been any issues with regard to crossovers from Tilbury on the west side through to Windsor, it's all cement barrier all the way down there and that's what's needed, especially in the riding of Chatham-Kent through to Elgin County," says Nicholls.

Nicholls says he will continue to press the government to do the right thing and install concrete median barriers.