Murder Charge Dropped Against Scott Quick In Death Of Nancy Galbraith-Quick

A charge of first-degree-murder has been dropped against a former local man accused in the death of his estranged wife from Tecumseh.

Scott Quick was scheduled to go to trial this summer in the hit and run death of Nancy Galbraith-Quick, but the crown decided given the lack of evidence, there was no reasonable prospect for a conviction and dropped the charge.

"It was physically impossible by the timeline for Quick to have stolen the van," said Assistant Crown Brian Manarin.

Galbraith-Quick died in 2006 after she was hit by a stolen minivan while in the parking lot of the school where she worked in Emeryville. 

The OPP arrested Scott Quick nine years later and he's been in custody for the past two years.

Defence lawyer Pat Ducharme says the crown made the right decision.

"There were weaknesses in the evidence of the prosecution that were straight forward and obvious and sometimes it would be an easier decision for prosecution to proceed and just let it fall on the shoulders of the jurors," said Ducharme.

Justice Rene Pomerance pointed out there have been wrongful convictions in Canada which is something the crown doesn't want to see happen again.

Scott Quick walked out of court beside his lawyer and said he was relieved.


Scott Quick hugs his children outside of Superior Court in Windsor after the crown dropped a charge of first-degree murder against him. January 16, 2017 (Photo by Teresinha Medeiros)

"I'm looking forward to resuming my life with my children and my family," he said.

He described his time in custody as "hell" and said he wishes the Galbraith family "peace and love."

Outside the courthouse, Scott Quick cried as he hugged his two children.

Ducharme says Quick can not be charged again with the crime.