Murder Charges Laid in Missing Persons Case

Windsor police have announced charges have been laid in the disappearance of a city man.

29-year-old Jerome Allen was last seen October 20, 2018.

Police say his disappearance is now being classified as a homicide investigation.

Joshua Gillespie, a 28 year old Windsor man is charged with murder.

23 year old Mohammad Al-Yousufi of Windsor is also charged with murder.

Rosalind Nussio, a 27 year old Windsor woman is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

Over the weekend officers arrested the three people and a home at 3417 Cross Street became the focus of the investigation.

Windsor police spokesperson Sergeant Steve Betteridge says this is an active investigation by the Major Crimes unit.

He says the Cross Street house is their main focus at the moment.


House on Cross Street being investigated by Windsor police Major Crimes officers, April 15, 2019 (By AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

"It's being investigated as a potential crime scene that is the area where we executed a search warrant so again the community can expect to see increased police presence in that area"

He says police hope the release of the names of those charged may trigger more information.

Sgt. Betteridge adds the probe of the Cross Street house is very detailed.

Our forensic identification unit is on hand.  So generally speaking when you're talking forensics and you're talking about a murder investigation you could be looking for anything from physical damage within the house any blood that was in the house"

On Sunday, investigators arrested three people in connection to the case and have been investigating at a home 3417 Cross St., near Chippawa.