Musyj: Provincial Election Results Won't Impact Mega Hospital Project

Windsor Regional Hospital's CEO is not worried about the upcoming provincial election when it comes to getting a new mega hospital.

David Musyj says the results should not have any impact on the project as all three major parties have committed to supporting a new hospital.

Since the writ has been dropped, Musyj says discussions have come to a halt, but after the election they're expected to resume.

He says the Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats are on board.

"The three major parties have all come out on the record and indicated that they support the need for infrastructure investment in Windsor-Essex, that they support the process for the location. We put politics aside and we talked about the merits of the project and that's why it has garnered support."

Musyj says all parties recognize the solid plan and process that's been put together.

"That's what has gotten us support across all political lines and that's actually the strength of our project. The fact we have NDP MPP's supporting it, we have a Liberal government who approved it to move it forward, we have the Conservatives who put on the record that they support it, if anything, they said it should have happened years ago."


AM800 file photo of the proposed location for the new hospital at County Rd 42 and the 9th Concession.

He says politics have been put aside.

"The one thing we prided ourselves on was we didn't politicize any of this process in the sense of we made sure that the process could stand on its own and stand on its own two feet and have merit that as we move forward with the project, no matter what political party is in power, we're going to work with them."

The provincial election is slated for June 7.

— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley