Name Recognition Key In PC Leadership Race: Local Prof

Name recognition will be key in the upcoming PC leadership race according to a local political science professor.

The party will select a new leader March 10th and to date, former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford and former M.P.P Christine Elliott have thrown their hat in the ring.

But others are expressing interest including Caroline Mulroney and Rod Phillips.

Local prof Lydia Miljan says an interesting leadership race may benefit the party because people will be talking about the party's policies and it acts like free publicity heading into the election.

She also believes it is time for the party to pick a female leader.

"We are at a great reckoning," says Miljan. "Certainly with all these stories coming out of every political party, it seems the boys have been really abusive and they have taken advantage of their positions of power."

Miljan says strategically, it makes sense for the conservatives to have a woman at the helm,"for no other reason that you are not going to get allegations of the leader having any impropriety."

The leadership race was prompted after the sudden resignation of Patrick Brown last week when he was accused of sexual misconduct.