Navistar Workers Receiving Severance From 2009 Truck Plant Closure

As many as 1300 former Navistar workers in Chatham are about to receive their severance, 7 years after the plant closed.

The members of Unifor Local 127 have been awarded their severance through binding arbitration.

The truck plant stopped manufacturing in 2009 and was shuttered in 2011.

The company has fought severance payouts ever since.

Local 127 President Rick Maclean calls it a long overdue victory.

Maclean says this is an emotional decision:  "I'm ecstatic about it like I said I'm overwhelmed I'm so pleased for the members they're receiving the money that's due to them that as I stated earlier they should have received 7 years ago"

He says the company has finally owned up to its obligation and the workers will receive one week severance pay for every year worked as per the Employment Standards Act. 

Maclean says in the years since the plant closed some of the workers have left the area to find work.

He says workers who have died in the ensuing years will still receive severance, which will go to their estates.