NDP Leadership Candidate Wants Changes To NAFTA

A candidate for the leadership of the federal New Democrats would like to see some changes to the current North American Free Trade Agreement.

Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus laid out his campaign plans Wednesday during a stop in Windsor.

Angus says the new NAFTA must benefit Canada. " What we saw in the last round of NAFTA, were we made all kinds of promises about jobs and a better life in Canada. But we've seen community after community hit was job losses, the manufacturing sector being gutted and the exportation of jobs throughout our country."

"We will have all hands on deck to deal with the NAFTA re-negotiation," says Angus. "We cannot trust Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump and the advice of Brian Mulroney to protect Canadian workers.  We're going to see a lobbyist feeding frenzy during the NAFTA re-negotiation."

Angus says he wants to see a number of changes made to the trade deal. "The investor protect state provisions have allowed corporate interest to target Canadian businesses, to target patent laws, to target environmental laws.  We need some more fairness in that because we have been getting short end of the stick."

Along with NAFTA, Angus says he'll focus on targeting corporate tax havens, reforming labour laws, making EI more accessible and flexible and protecting pensions.

The NDP will elect a new leader in October.