NDP Says Zero Emissions Incentive Reason For National Auto Strategy

The federal New Democrats are using the subsidy for zero emission vehicles as a reason for an Auto Strategy.

Party Leader Jagmeet Singh recently visited Windsor and spoke with Unifor members outside the Turner Rd. Hall.

With a hybrid Chrysler Pacifica as a backdrop, Singh lashed out at the Liberal government for structuring the subsidy to avoid the Windsor built vehicle.

Windsor Tecumseh NDP MP Cheryl Hardcastle says boosting Pacifica sales would help the entire industry.

"Windsor is the concentration of talent, it's the location where you have access to all the markets and it's about those incentives that have to be strategic therefore you need a national auto strategy, we can't just keep doing like I said everything reactionary."

Hardcastle says not including the Pacifica is a glaring reason why an auto strategy is needed.

"With the zero emission strategy that is disconnected to our auto strategy, we can leverage this and do this better.  That's why we're really stressing a national auto strategy because we've been inactive on that as a government."


Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaking at the Unifor Hall on Turner Road, April 13, 2019 (by AM800's Gord Bacon)

Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse says the Trudeau government doesn't seem to understand the auto industry.

"We don't need to be spending $5000 on basically a glorified basically golf cart that's going to be made somewhere versus that of an actually award winning transportation safety approved NAFTA approved being compliant with all the safety regulations vehicle that's going to take multiple vehicles off the road.  It's all making sense I just wish the minister would get there."

Masse added the corporate write-off portion of the zero emission subsidy is also lacking because it doesn't allow non-profit agencies to take advantage.

— with files from AM800's Gord Bacon