Neighbours Jump Into Action In LaSalle Blaze

A helping hand from neighbours may be to thank for everyone getting out safely in a LaSalle house fire.

No injuries are reported, but a family of four has been displaced after the fire at a duplex on Durocher Dr. near Windsor Crossing outlet mall.

Firefighters responded to the blaze at roughly 7:20pm on Tuesday.

LaSalle Fire Chief, Dave Sutton, says the fire was brought under control within 15 minutes and it took another hour before all the hot spots were cooled off.

He says the first firefighters on scene found neighbours doing their best to battle back the flames with a garden hose.

"The community atmosphere in LaSalle I guess," says Sutton. "A couple of neighbours that helped out: they had a garden hose on the fire at the time we arrived, but they had also made sure everyone was out — it was a semi-detached unit."

While Sutton stresses no one should needlessly put themselves in danger, the help was appreciated.

"It's a great help obviously to the homeowners and the folks who were experiencing the fire; it's also a big help to us if someone can give us information when we arrived, particularly in regards to whether the building has been evacuated or not," says Sutton.

The neighbours were quick to act and make sure everyone had gotten out of the home.

"Close the doors behind them and had a garden hose on the fire and certainly directed us when we got there and gave us all the information that we needed."

Sutton says the investigation is ongoing, but the preliminary damage estimate is pegged at $100,000 and a cause hasn't been determined, but appears accidental.

— with files from Zander Broeckel