Neutral Nicholls Now Backing Ford Leadership

The Conservative MPP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington says the party needs to rally behind the new leader.

Doug Ford was selected as the head of the Ontario PC party in a contentious vote over the weekend.

Rick Nicholls plans to seek a third term in office in the June 7th vote and is optimistic Ford can lead the party to a majority victory in the Ontario Legislature.

Nicholls is not sure whether the party's platform will be changed ahead of the provincial vote. "I felt we had a very good 'People's Guarantee,' but I'm sure he'll be making some changes to that.  And that's fine, he's the leader, he can throw out the recommendations, we'll have discussions on it and we'll strengthen our party platform moving forward."

During the course of the leadership race, Nicholls did not support any of the four candidates vying to replace Patrick Brown. "I'm one of the deputy speakers in the Ontario Legislature and I just felt it would be a little bit wise of me, and I spoke with all the candidates and asked them some pretty tough questions.  Some answers I liked, some answers I wasn't sure on.  For that reason I decided I'm staying neutral."

Nicholls hopes the PC caucus can have a meeting with the new leader soon.