New Canadians Honoured at the Annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards.

A family from the Democratic Republic of Congo has been recognized for achieving their dream.

Charles Kayumbi and his wife Marceline Kilongo took home the Inspire Award at the 17th annual Herb Gray Harmony Awards Gala Thursday night at the Ciociaro Club.

The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County founded a celebratory gala to honour Windsor West Liberal MP Herb Gray for his service to the community back in 2002. Every year the gala recognizes individuals or groups for building a community that is multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-faith while promoting equality for all cultures.

The Inspire Award recognizes a newcomer for their positive example to the community. Kayumbi his wife and four daughters immigrated to Canada in 2013 — facing the daunting task of learning the language so they could continue their education.

He tells AM800 News, his wife came up with an idea for a store and the couple began saving every penny to get that shop off the ground.

"We have to help our community, the African community, by opening the store because when we eat African food we remember home," says Kayumbi who opened the MK African Caribbean Store is on Wyandotte St. E. near Langois Ave. this past year.

A humbled Kayumbi hopes his family's journey can serve as an example for everyone who comes to Canada to start over.

"You know there is challenges when you have a dream, whatever the circumstance is or challenges, just focus on what you want to do in your life and one day it will come true," added Kayumbi.

Kayumbi and his family officially became Canadian citizens just before the New Year.

Doctor Gordon Jasey won the Champion Award and the Tepperman family took home the Harmony Award at the event as well.