New Chapter for Leamington Library


A new chapter for the Leamington Library. 

The town has officially opened its new $1.3-million renovated building at 1 John St. at Erie St.  — which has only had general maintenance and minor tweaks since the 1970s.

Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald says the library helped her as an immigrant to Canada.

"As a kid growing up, English was not my first language, so I had to go to the library to read, get books and become well read and well spoken," she says.

The upgraded modern facility includes more natural lighting, along with music and video production studios.

MacDonald says the library is more than just books.

"It means so much to our community. We are a community of immigrants, it is a place of socialization, a place for learning about other cultures, a place just being a community hub," she says.

MacDonald believes the library benefits so many in the community.

"Seniors to come and socialize as well, kids to do their homework and all of that kind of thing, it is just a really great spot, then we have makers spaces so there is a recording studio and a couple of other little studios for people, for people to learn new things," she says.

The library closed back in October, to make room for the upgrades.  A temporary library location had been set up on Erie St. South.


With files from Peter Langille