New City Hall Nearing Completion

'On time and on budget' is how Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens is describing the new city hall project.

Dilkens says things are moving along well and the five storey building should be ready for occupancy the last week of May as planned.

He says the entire project cost came in at about $43-million.

"That was for land prep and for construction costs. The actual amount paid to the contractor was in the $28-million range. That came in under budget, in fact, on what we had thought we were going to have to pay. So overall we're doing quite well and there's been no surprises and the building is coming up quite quickly."

He says it's not clear yet what will be done with the land where the current city hall stands.

"Council will have to figure out what the plan is moving forward and how to create a great sort of civic gateway in front of their new city hall. Something that I think the public would appreciate and enjoy. Perhaps relocating the Charles Clark ice rink closer to city hall and having a water feature in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. So, all conversations we'll have as we move forward."

He says the deep freeze that hit the area earlier this month didn't have any impact on construction.

"If we look at the work that's been done on the new city hall, we are way ahead of the curve in terms of favourable days as opposed to days that have been difficult. Frankly, once the cold snap happened, they were already inside. The building is being heated and they're inside already doing interior work. So things are happening quite quickly."

Construction began in June 2016.


- With files from Ricardo Veneza.