New Daycare Operator Chosen For John McGivney Children's Centre

There will be a new childcare provider at Windsor's John McGivney Children's Centre.

Centre CEO Elaine Whitmore says following a Request for Proposal, the contract has been awarded to the YMCA of Windsor-Essex.

There are currently 38 children in the program but there was also a wait list of as many as 20 children, some with special needs.

Whitmore told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' that the centre made sure this was the right provider. ""They certainly met, and in some cases, exceeded a number of the quality requirements that we had outlined in the documents, we took the time to be able to substantiate what was written in the proposal with site visits."

"Changes to the funding model, plus a desire to improve the daycare, prompted the search for a childcare operator," says Whitmore. "We were really struggling to be able to financially be able to balance the program, and to be able expand the program as it relates to the hours, the start time and end time to better meet the needs of our families."

The program was running at a deficit partially due to the high number of children with complex special needs in the program.

The YMCA takes over August 1st.

She says the cost to families will be "similar."