New Daycare Renovations And Provider At WECDSB

There are plenty of new developments when it comes to childcare at local Catholic schools.

YMCA Children's Educational Services is taking over daycare programming for St. James and HJ Lassaline schools for the next two years, beginning in September.

The board also approved spending $400,000 on renovations at St. Andre French Immersion Catholic Elementary School that will see a new childcare space built. The revamped space will still offer the 15 toddler and 16 pre-school spaces of the previous setup. The project is set to be completed before September 1.

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board spokesperson Stephen Fields says the project will transform the space.

"We're going to be doing upgrades to the kitchen area, so making sure that we've got some nice modern stoves and stove hoods and those kinds of things for people who are preparing food," says Fields. "The washroom facilities are going to be more accessible for some of the little ones because that's specifically who this is geared for."

Fields says the outdoor play area at St. Andre is also being reworked.

"What exactly that's going to look like that hasn't been decided yet, but by the time that parents bring their children back in September, that will have been decided," says Fields.

He adds the new daycare services at St. James and HJ Lassaline is in response to a community need.

"Parents were asked to respond to a survey about their needs and their desires for this kind of programming in their schools and we got some overwhelming results from both of those schools," says Fields.

The YMCA will run before and after school services at St. James and HJ Lassaline, beginning at 6:30am until school starts and from 3:30pm until 6pm.

Fields adds there will be a "nominal fee structure" for the YMCA program, but there may be subsidies available through the provider or the city.