New Democrat Says Canada Missed A Golden Opportunity

One federal New Democrat is saying "we told you so" after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

The high court in Washington has struck down the law banning sports betting in nearly all states.

It opens the door to single sports betting, which the NDP had tried to have enacted in Canada.

Windsor West New Democrat Brian Masse says Canada has missed an opportunity.

He says Detroit casinos will be able to capitalize on the ruling.

"One of the concerns we'll have is the leakage of business to the U.S. and hopefully what will happen is there will be an appeal that will give us some time to be able to deal with this situation," says Masse."There's not doubt that not only will Windsor be affected but other places across Canada."

He says the Trudeau government could have put single sports betting in place.

"This parliament has already discussed it on the simplest way to do it, We will certainly be proposing the government relook and see if there's another way, but unfortunately this is what happens the consequences and bad policies of the Liberals." says Masse.

With the U.S. law now dissolved, it will be up to individual states to create their own sports betting legislation.


— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi