New Democrats Oppose Liberal Pipeline Deal

The Federal New Democrats have come out against the Liberal government's $4.5-billion deal for the pipeline from Alberta to BC.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced Ottawa is spending the money to buy Trans Mountain and all of Kinder Morgan Canada's core assets in an effort to get the pipeline built.

"This isn't just about creating jobs for the summer but investing in jobs for that next generation and that means clean energy jobs, that means listening to first nations, scientists, local communities who are all saying no to the risks they see this pipeline bringing to their communities," says Essex MP, Tracey Ramsey.

She says the diluted Bitumen the pipeline is being built for is very dirty.

"There is no way to clean this spill, it's not like a traditional oil spill where they have remedies in order to be able to clean it. This particular substance is extremely heavy, it attaches itself to plants, animals, other things in a way other oil does not."

Ramsey adds the cost is still unclear because this price is just to gain control of the project , she says there's still the cost of building the pipeline, which could end up with a total of $10-billion.