New Food and Drink Festival Coming to Windsor


The Forks and Barrels Tour is making a stop in Windsor this summer.

The event will take over the Riverfront Festival Plaza August 23-25.

Serena Haddad is the Chief Operating Officer of the tour and says the goal of the festival is to re-define "social."

Haddad says the festival will feature different villages and within each village will be a wide range of vendors.

"We're creating a village where we have different themes within this village," says Haddad.  "So we have beer lane, wine avenue, spirit street, foodie central.  We got a Caribbean section called tropica and we got the lawn which is like a laid back, acoustic setting."

She feels the Riverfront Festival Plaza is a great stop for the tour.

"The way the Riverfront Festival Plaza is set up, it's actually perfect for what I envision," says Haddad.  "Having the water right there and then that big open space, it makes it really easy to do that grind set up where you can make those streets."

Haddad says the layout of the plaza will be similar to a grid.

"Everything is designed around creating that social interaction that I feel a lot of people are missing in this day and age," says Haddad.  "We really want that to be the focus of our festival and sampling all these foods, interacting with all these vendors."  

Haddad adds each food vendor will have a $4 meal and there will also be $2 drink samples.

Kitchener, Toronto and the Niagara Region are also on the tour.

— with files from AM800's Rusty Thomson