New Food Bank/Clothing Exchange For Transgender Community In Windsor

There's a new food bank and clothing exchange program aimed at the transgender community in Windsor.

Executive Director of WE Trans Support Jayce Carver says a lot of trans-identified people live below the poverty line and going to a food bank is a challenge because it requires I.D.

"Often times, trans-identified people's I.D do not match the gender identity they live in and that is because there is a large cost to changing the gender marker and your identification," says Carver.

The food bank/exchange program has opened at 111 Wyandotte St. West near Pelissier and it is looking for some donations.

"Currently our food bank shelf has a case of tomato juice on it and that is because we just opened our doors right. So that's why we are putting that ask out for the community to come and step up and support their trans community."

Carver says one of the first ways people usually start to express their gender identify is through clothing and given the poverty line, it becomes a barrier to buying clothing.  

As a result, a clothing exchange program has started and donations of clothing, of any gender and size, are welcomed.

--With files from AM800's Rob Hindi