New Gordie Howe Bike Lanes A Big Win For Bikers

Bike Windsor-Essex is thrilled over plans to include a multi-use path as part of the new Gordie Howe International Bridge.

The plans were announced Wednesday that would see a 3.6 metre path separated from traffic with a concrete barrier for safety reasons. The  path could be used by cyclists and pedestrians.

Bike Windsor-Essex Executive Director Lori Newton says the group has been advocating for this since 2012.

"There is no question that this is not only going to assist those living in our communities across the river and on this side for a healthier, more active lifestyle but this will be a destination for cyclists," says Newton.

She says this will be a destination for cyclists.

"Cyclists will come here it will be a bucket list, they will come here to ride this bridge to stop on both sides, remember they go slowly and when they get to where they are going to go, they are really hungry and very very thirsty," says Newton.

It will be up to the three proponents vying for the job to include the path as part of its plan. The new design element has already been included in the $2-billion dollar cost of the bridge.