New Grant Program To Help Small Businesses In Windsor-Essex

A new program has been launched to help small business owners locate in targeted neighbourhoods in Windsor-Essex.

The United Way of Windsor Essex and the Small Business Centre have partnered to kick-off the "Neighbourhood Small Business Grant."

Four $5000 grants will be awarded to new and existing businesses to locate in priority areas such as in West Windsor, Downtown Windsor, the Glengarry-Marentette area, Ford City and areas in the county such as Uptown Leamington, Essex Centre and Harrow.

The goal is to help small business owners and neighbourhoods thrive.

United Way CEO Lorraine Goddard says there is more to the grant than just money.

"In addition to incentivizing businesses to locate in priority neighbourhoods, this grant offers the opportunity for free supports and training to support the applicants through the Small Business Centre," says Goddard.

She says small businesses could include grocery stores, coffee shops and small restaurants.

"When you think about what are the elements that make a thriving neighbourhood, it is those types of businesses that really do create a thriving neighbourhood so we are hopeful that is what will come forward."

Applicants have until July 1st to apply.  The grants will be awarded in early fall.