New Job Search Tool Called a Game Changer

A newly launched job search tool will help people in Windsor Essex find what services are near their potential job location.

Workforce WindsorEssex created the website which is geographic based and has numerous overlays, users can click on.

The tool is called "WEmap jobs" and builds on a search engine they developed in 2018 for in-demand jobs.

When you zoom in to the job you're looking at, you can see a walking route to the address, transit access and nearby services like child care.

Senior Director Justin Falconer says you can access the search tool from anywhere at anytime.

"It's 24-7 available online in 104 languages," he says.  "You can quickly find a job that is in your area, that you travel or work in or commute in and you'll be able to instantly find it."

He adds people can also apply for that job.

Andrew Daher is the executive director of the city's Employment and Social Services department and calls the new search tool, a game changer.

"To see other features, other services that are important to them to get them the jobs that they're looking for.  So for example having child care centres available.  If you're looking for that position and you know that child care is a concern of yours', knowing that a child care centre is around the corner from a job you're looking for is really important."

The search tool can be found at