New Life For Former Windsor Restaurant

Tunnel Bar-B-Q ribs, chicken and sauces are heading south of the border.

CEO Helen Ventrella says the former restaurant has entered into a partnership with Beau's Grillery in Bloomfield, Michigan.

She says it's a similar deal to the partnership announced last year with Armando's.

Ventrella says Beau's will be making and selling traditional TBQ products.  She says the owner of Beau's is familiar with the TBQ brand.

"When he was a kid his parents use to bring him to TBQ and when his parents dated they use to come to TBQ so this has been a generational thing for them," says Ventrella.  "He heard on social media when we did the Armando's launch last year and the same week that we launched, he got a hold  of me and said 'we want it over here, how do we get it over here?'"     

She says they have entered into a six-month venture evaluation with Beau's and if everything goes well.

"He wanted exclusive rights to build a bunch of brick and mortar TBQ's all over Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana."

Ventrella says the partnership has been in the works for close to a year.

Beau's began serving TBQ products on June 28.

The former TBQ restaurant was located on Park Street E. It closed in September 2014.  It was open for more than 70 years.