New Life for Nearly Doomed Dogs

At least two dogs connected to an alleged dog fighting ring in Tilbury are thriving in new environments.

One of the pit bull like dogs was among the 31 seized from a rural property near Tilbury in October 2015, another is the puppy of one of the seized animals.

According to CTV Windsor, one of the older dogs is helping a retired firefighter and war veteran in New York recover from a stroke.

The other — who was born after the seizure — is a police dog named Dallas in Virginia at the Honaker Police Department.

Police Chief Brandon Cassel says he has been a welcome addition.

"I'm proud to say that of a small department of six officers, he has now become the seventh," he says.

Dallas is Honaker's first K9 officer since 1987 and Cassel says the dog is a different kind of breed for them.

"It was not our intention to ever have a pittbull as a K9 that was not our first pick but Dallas is just the kind of dog that kind of grows on you."

Dallas spent time with several rescue operations before making his way to the Throw Away Dog Project, an organization in Pennsylvania.

The goal of the group is to "repurpose, train and relocate unique dogs to positively impact our communities.

The organization matched officer Cody Rowe with his new partner last summer.

"I can't even describe how excited I was to get back to doing what it is I love to do," says Rowe.

The court case attracted the attention of celebrities Don Cherry, Paris Hilton, Enrique Iglasias and Richard Branson.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in King City, Ontario faught to keep the dogs alive.

According to the organizations, 29 of the animals and their puppies have been made eligible for retraining and eventual placement.

— with files from CTV Windsor