New Local Initiative Targets Climate Change And Job Creation

A new initiative has been launched in Windsor-Essex to bring together different community leaders to focus on how to advance the region with green investments.

Called 'Collective Innovations and WE Build Green', officials from different organizations from municipal, union, economic development and manufacturing came together Friday to discuss how to tackle climate change and create jobs.

"I think today is also a recognition of what happens when community groups and people and leaders, break down there echo chambers and actually start working together," says organizer Ken Lewenza Jr.

Speaking at I.R.C Tool and Mold, Supervisor of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change for Windsor Karina Richters says the city has a Community Energy Plan to help the environment and for financial reasons.

"In 2014, as a community, we spent $842 million on energy and 80% of that money leaves the community, it goes somewhere else."

 The City of Windsor has a goal to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases by 40%  by 2041.