New Measures to Ease a Traffic Headache Around Belle River

Lakeshore is trying to ease traffic congestion during construction of a roundabout in Belle River.

The work has forced the closure of the bridge going over the Belle River on Notre Dame St. between West Belle River Rd. and Belle River Rd.

As a result, traffic travelling along County Rd. 22 is being forced to detour onto Rourke Line to reach County Rd. 42, then turning north to reach Belle River Rd. to gain access to the town.

The detours have led to backups along County Rd. 42 and Belle River Rd.

Mayor Tom Bain says he's been caught up in the detour.

"I experienced the hard way and I realized how bad it was, so I even headed over to {County Rd.} 42 and tried going down 42 but I was held up there about 20 minutes," he says.

Bain says the town has improved advance information about the detour to try and ease the congestion.

"We've put out more signage certainly to try and get people to start using the other routes before hand," he says. "We've found that a lot of this isn't our local people, it's people coming from outside and they're not aware.  By the time they get to the signs they're hooked into going through the detour."

Ontario Provincial Police have also been along the detour routes to help control traffic during peak times.

Bain says the town has also lowered the speed limit on County Rd. 42 between Puce Rd. and Belle River Rd. to make it easier for traffic to turn on to 42 from Rourke Line.

"We've also changed out stop lights at County Rd. 42 and Belle River Rd. to allow for left turning signals there.  We've put left turn signals in, that's certainly helped to mitigate the problem," he says.

Officials are recommending drivers use Highway 401, if they can, to avoid the traffic congestion.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi