New Mega-Hospital Still Part of Government's Plan

The fact that a new Regional Acute Care Centre for Windsor-Essex wasn't mentioned in the 2019 Ontario budget, doesn't mean it's not part of the plan.

That's according to Windsor Regional Hospital President and CEO David Musyj. 

He says the new hospital to be built on County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession is still part of the provincial government's long-term plans.

Doug Ford's government announced an extra $1.4-billion in spending for the province's healthcare sector — that will include new hospitals and hospital upgrades.

Musyj says Windsor may not have been mentioned directly, but the budget is clear that existing projects are still part of the long-term plans.

"It doesn't mention Windsor Regional Hospital directly or the Windsor-Essex hospital project, but it does indirectly. It talks about the approximately 60 major hospital projects that are currently under construction and the government is committed to working with the hospitals to implement these projects," he says.

Musyj says new projects tend to get a shout out come budget time and the fact the government is bringing fresh projects into the mix, is actually a good thing for existing plans for Windsor-Essex.

"We are part of the 60 major hospital projects that are mentioned. They then went on and mentioned a few of the new projects, but the great thing about it is the fact that they are investing in additional projects that are behind us in the planning queue," he says.

The region will also see close to $6-million in additional funding in 2019.

Windsor Regional Hospital announced close to 80 job cuts last week — that was to help find $7.3-million to balance its budget.

Musyj says administration factored-in the additional funding when the decision was made.

"We were counting on that when we made the announcement last week regarding our staffing changes and were counting on an approximately 1% increase, plus some additional revenue adjustments, which is good for all Ontario hospitals and very positive for WRH moving forward," he says.

The estimated $2-billion price tag for a new hospital will be shared between the province, the city and the county.