New Mega Hospital Zoning Application To Be Debated In Joint Committee-City Council Meeting

In a rare move,  Windsor's Planning Standing Committee and city council have scheduled a joint meeting to address the zoning application for the new single site acute care hospital.

The meeting is set for July 16, but committee chair Bill Marra says it may not automatically happen all in one day.

"Whatever recommendations come from the Planning Standing Committee will then immediately be tabled to City Council," he says.  "Council does have the option that evening to consider the recommendation but also defer it for another month."

.The meeting will deal with all zoning requirements for the property located at County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession to be zoned from agriculture to institutional.

There are expected to be a number of delegations at the meeting.

"There are often questions and issues that evolve during those debates that require some consultation or some additional resources or time frankly to address them, so there may be issues that come up, and I anticipate a zoning of this substantive nature may generate some interesting debate and concerns and questions," he says.

Marra explains the joint meeting is an unusual move.

"What has happened before is council in the past has bypassed the planning meeting when they have been under some timeline pressures. I don't think I have ever seen a combined meetings but certainly I have seen it happen where they will forgo the planning committee and go right to council to expedite an application."

--With files from AM800's Rob Hindi