New Monthly Jobs Reports Help Sell Windsor Essex to Companies

Two new monthly data reports take a look at the local jobs market from the job seeker and employer perspective.

Workforce WindsorEssex will release the Job Demand Report and Job Search Report based on locally gathered data.

The reports are being released during Economic Development Week.

Windsor Essex County Economic Development Corporation CEO Stephen MacKenzie says this level of up-to-date information is very helpful.

He says it's the kind of detailed data few other communities are able to provide for prospective companies.

"Everything to make it easier for the people who are looking for jobs, for the companies that are looking for people and then for the data that we can show.  We can sit down and show statistics and show current data like one month old versus a census from 2016."

Workforce WindsorEssex Senior Director Justin Falconer says the improvement in accuracy is remarkable.

"This month we saw basically a doubling of job postings in our regions for the month. But not actually a doubling.  Just because the old data source really wasn't collecting it well.  And so that's why we're really excited going forward we're going to have these new data reports."

Falconer says a big challenge is the skills gap employers have struggled with.

"This disconnect has been something that Workforce WindsorEssex has been trying to work on through all of our tools through all of the data that we've been gathering and I think these job search reports really help paint a clear picture of what that disconnect is and maybe how we can close the gap on those areas."

In April there were 6120 job postings listed in the Job Demand Report.

The Job Search report had 5121 unique users who made over 25,000 interactions with jobs boards.

The announcement took place at the Unemployment Help Centre, one of the 14 jobs boards the report tracks.