New Online Job Search Tool Launched

A new, locally developed, online job searching tool is aimed at filling "in demand" jobs in Windsor-Essex.

An interactive webpage has been unveiled by Workforce Windsor Essex. Executive Director Michelle Suchiu says they saw a similar British program and built the software here.

"It's colour-coded and covers a wide range of opportunities," says Suchiu. "The dark blue circles are those in-demand occupations, so currently we have over 80 in-demand occupations in our region and the rest of the circles are jobs that are available in our region that might be tied to."

Suchiu says it's already led to a partnership with the Greater Essex County District School Board. "All four school boards have expressed great interest in it, so we're really excited about the fact that this will provide a tool for local students to get on there.  We've already had a commitment from the public board that this will be a tool that will be used within the classrooms.  We are confident that the other boards will have an opportunity as it's available in both English and French."

When you click on the circles, the job description, salary range, any current openings and job requirements pop up.

Click here to view the new website.